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Important. For Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10 users.

Do not install Data Processor in any folder that is under Windows User Account Control (UAC), i.e. do not install it in C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\, C:\Windows. Even you are an administrator on the PC you do not have full rights in drive C: (more specifically in folders Windows and Program Files) in Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10. The software was designed to modify the files (database, ini files) which are located in the installation directory. So, you have to install Data Processors and our otjer software in any location where you have full rights to read and write (e.g. C:\Programs\).

Run Data Processor as Administrator for the first time (right click on the file or shortcut and choose Run as administrator) in order to set the start password. After that you can work with Data Processor under user rights. Note: you have to run all applications (Data Processor, Measurement and Analysis databases) either as User or as Administrator (i.e. do not mix run mode) in order to allow these applications to communicate to each other.

Set Borland Database Engine (BDE) Network Directory to the directory where you have read, write, and create rights. Network Directory is the directory that contains the BDE network control file, PDOXUSRS.NET. This file governs the sharing of Borland Paradox database tables on local and network drives. All applications that share Paradox database tables must specify the same value for this property, and must have read, write, and create rights for the directory. By default Network Directory is set to root of C:\, write access to which is strictly prohibited in Vista and Win 7. Therefore, before starting Data Processor you have to run BDE Administrator (BDEADMIN.EXE, default location is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE) as an administrator (right click on the file and choose Run as administrator). Open Configuration tab and go to Configuration/Drives/Native/PARADOX. Set NET DIR: to any folder with full access (root of D:, D:\Programs, C:\Programs, etc.). Save settings by clicking on blue arrow button. Close BDE Administrator.

If you got error messages ("The table information is missing or incorrect" or other messages related to BDE Aliases) while starting Data Processor or Databases please check the BDE configuration file IDAPI32.CFG for the presence of Measurement and Analysis database aliases. To do that open BDE Administrator twice, in normal way and as Administrator. If you see different configurations (it may happen if you opened any our application in a normal way for the first time) you have to delete a copy of IDAPI32.CFG file from the VirtualStore folder (Vista and Win 7 place any file, which is located in Windows and Program Files folders and witch you try to modify, in Virtual Store folder: C:\Users\"name"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\). Therefore, opening BDEADMIN.EXE as Administrator and checking the BDE configuration just after installation of Data Processor is advisable.

If you got error message "Can not initialize Borland Database Engine" while starting of any of our applications or got other unhandled errors please close all opened applications that may have access to the BDE and database tables (including BDEAdministrator) then repeat the action. Sometimes database resources do not released correctly and they may remain busy. It happens very rarely in Win XP 32-bit but may happen more or less frequently in 64-bit versions of Windows. Other problem that that can happen time to time in Win 7 (more frequently in 64-bit version) is the lost of communication between applications (Windows broadcast system messages do not reach the destination due to unknown reason). Restarting Windows repairs the problem in the most cases. Please wait until Windows is loading completely then start our applications.

BIFL Data Analyser can be installed in the default location (i.e. C:\Program Files\) and be run as under User as Administrator rights. Note, the location of the configuration file BIFLDA.ini is C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\SSTC\BIFLDA\bin\ if you run BIFL Data Analyser under the User rights (%UserName% should be replaced to the name of your profile on your computer).