TRFA Data Processor Advanced. List of updates:


TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.5 is released  (12.01.21)

1. The Phasor analysis of fluorescence decays is implemented. The standard Phasor plot is awailable. In addition, the complete Phasor analysis of bi-exponential data is implemented. It allows the complete analysis of a number of decays with estimation of all prameters including pre-exponential factors with final calculation of Chi2 criterion on the base of solely Phasor transformations and least-squares analysis. The deconvolution of IRF is supported;

2. The Anisotropy model has been extended by addition of the property to enter the actual G-factor while linking the amplitudes;

3. Import DataSet wizard was updated. Copy all settings from the previous record feature was implemented and the new import option: Decay + IRF/REF was added;

4. Preview TRES (Time Resolved Emission Spectra) graph is implemented. If datasets were measured at different wavelenghts and the wavelenghts information is stored as external parameters, the TRES curves can now be plotted. This feature is available in the Analysis Database program.

5. Import of decays directly from binary Raw Data is implemented. The PicoQuant and a number of SPC (B&H) data formats including the SPC-830 (and modern ones based on SPC-830 dataformat) are supported. Import Raw Data Wizard that helps to import decays and make datasets from them with a number of options is programmed. Creation of separate datasets for each imported sample decay is possible. The selection of a proper channel with data without necessity to reload data again is possible (the wizard displays the information how many photons are detected in each channel if wrong channel is selected). The import of 2 channel raw data (e.g. polarization dataset) is possible.

6. The calculation of the total decay (together with the total IRF/Reference) and exporting it to ASCII file with proper use of shifts is implemented.

7. The calculation of the Anisotropy and exporting it to ASCII file with proper use of shifts is implemented.


TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.4 is released  (10.01.13)

1. The Exponential model has been extended. The Contributions and decay times mode is extended by the possibility either to fit or to fix the common multiplier. The Paired ratio and Decay times mode had been added;

2. The Anisotropy model has been extended by allowing of all modes of the Exponential model (that is the part of the anisotropy model);

3. The incorrect shifting of the scatter in the polarized dataset in a case of nonzero start analysis channel is fixed;

4. A bug in the simulator in a case of the use of the Anisotropy model is fixed;

5. Import of text files with a multi rows caption is implemented.


TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.3  (02.02.12)

1. Anisotropy analysis is updated. Shift between parallel and perpendicular components (which is taken into account while creation of Total IRF/Ref) can now be adjusted via correspondent property of Dataset. This shift was calculated automatically (in a hidden way) in the previous versions that may lead to bad results in a case of its inaccurate estimation;

2. Preparation of data for a Global Anisotropy analysis. It is advisable to replace the parallel and perpendicular IRF/Ref by a total IRF/Ref (properly calculated) in Global Anisotropy analysis if shifts and G-factors are unknown. For this aim the Convert tool was programmed, Import Data Wizard was updated and a special tool window for a visual estimation of inter-component shift is programmed;

3. Conversion of a polarized dataset stored in the database into two non-polarized datasets with automated calculation of total IRF/Ref (and vice-verse) is now possible;

4. Import Data Wizard is updated: import of multi-column ASCII data and creation of two non-polarized datasets with automated calculation of total IRF/Ref while the import of polarized data is now possible.

5. Bugs fixing.


TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.2  (11.01.11)

1. Import of PicoQuant PHD data is implemented.

2. Import Data Wizards are updated.

3. Analysis and manipulation of a large number of fitted curves is improved:


TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.1  (18.06.09)

Bugs fixing.


TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.0  (26.01.09)

TRFA Data Processor Advanced 1.0 is released.