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TRFD Fitting Software
Fitting equation for variable-frequency Phase Shift:

Fitting Models in Time Domain:

"Multi-exponential" model
"Stretched-exponential" model
"Diffusion controlled collisional energy transfer" model
Custom model
Custom model with built-in script programming language provides creating user-defined models. Modular object-oriented architecture allows for easy extension of the model library


  • Global fit of phase spectra with the linked parameters
  • Marquard-Levenberg optimization algorithm
  • Exhaustive search method for confidence interval estimation
  • Asymptotic standard errors for confidence interval estimation
  • Judging the fit: chi-square criterion, visual inspection of the weighted residuals, the autocorrelation function of the weighted residuals
  • Advanced fit quality criteria: test Z of chi-square, heterosedasticity test of the weighted residuals, runs test

  • Multi-document interface
  • Advanced parameters management (sorting, quick linkage and easy navigation)
  • Templates for quick saving and restoring analysis and interface configurations
  • Saving and loading experimental data and analysis results from databases
  • Database support for saving and restoring user-defined models
  • 2D and 3D data plots in frequency domain
  • 2D data plot in time domain
  • Graphical dependence of the pre-exponential factors vs. the decay times and their confidence intervals for a multi-exponential model

  • Convenient management of experimental and fitted data and analysis results
  • Searching, sorting and filtering data
  • Support of data integrity and validity
  • 2D graphical data previewing
  • Report generation