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TRFA Data Processor
Decay models

  • Multi-exponential model for fluorescence and anisotropy decays (terminal model)
  • Fractal Forster energy transfer model for fluorescence and anisotropy decays (terminal model)
  • Arbitrary (additive) combination of the terminal models
  • Associative and non-associative models for anisotropy
  • Any combination of fluorescence and anisotropy parts of different terminal models
Modular object-oriented architecture allows for easy extension of the model library

Instrumental models

  • Instrumental response function via scattering solution
  • Instrumental response function via single exponential reference compound
  • Background and scattered light
  • Time shift
  • Anisotropy G-factor

  • Global fit: several fluorescence decays are combined and simultaneously fitted
  • Anisotropy analysis via simultaneous fit of parallel and perpendicular components of fluorescence
  • Automatically generated initial guesses for parameters
  • Parameter fixing, constraints and linkage
  • Confidence intervals by exhaustive search and standard errors
  • Quality of fit is judged by chi-square criterion, visual inspection of residuals and auto-correlation function of residuals

  • Multi-document interface
  • Advanced parameters management (sorting, quick linkage and easy navigation)
  • Templates for quick saving and restoring analysis configurations
  • Saving and loading experimental data and analysis results from databases
  • 2D and 3D graphical data representation
  • Import of external data and export of the results of analysis

  • Storing and managing experimental data, templates and analysis results
  • Searching, sorting and filtering data
  • Support of data integrity and validity
  • Avoiding of data redundancy
  • Report generation
  • 2D graphical data previewing