List of updates of Burst Integrated Fluorescence Lifetime (BIFL) Data Analyser:


BIFL Data Analyser 1.5 has been released. New features are:
1. Import of PicoQuant Symphotime 64-bit PTU data is implemented;
2. Calculation of ACF without the normalization. Note: the tail of ACF in a case of calculation in a quasylogarithmic mode may deviate from the baseline because the normalization on the delayed and direct monitors is not performed (it is normalized only to difference in the bin step).


1. IATD coincidence analysis is implemented;
2. Import of PicoQuant TimeHarp 200 and PicoHarp 300 data is implemented;
3. Calculation of absolute photon arrival times for B&H SPC is now possible (calculation of absolute photon arrival times are always performed for PicoQuant PicoHarp 300 data);
4. Import and displaying setup (header) information of B&H SPC and PicoQuant data.
5. FCS analysis was updated. Min/max and initial value settings for diffusion and triplet times were incorrect (all time related setting assumed milliseconds instead of seconds). Therefore initial guesses can not be calculated automatically and user had to set correct initial values together with min/max settings manually each time.
6. There are some improvements in Import wizard and options dialogs. There is an option to calculate absolute arrival times and possibility to set bin time, offset, etc. calculated from macro time clock.